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  Nissan 9, 5773 , 20/03/13

Obama Cautiously Mentions Palestinian State

While emphasizing the need for Israeli security, United States President Barack Obama mentioned "two states for two people" during his joint press conference with Prime Minster Benyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. He called for an "independent Palestinian state" living "side by side in peace and security with Israel," but made sure not to give the impression he was imposing any foreign dictates not requested by the indigenous population.  
"My main goal on this trip is to speak to the Israeli people," he stated. With regards to the Iranian nuclear threat, the instability of Syria and global terror he said, "we've got your back... you're in a tough neighborhood that just got tougher."  
But President Obama refused to tell his hosts how they should run things, commenting, "I purposely did not want to come here and make some big announcement that did not match up to the realities here. I wanted to ask questions before I talk... I wanted a better understanding of what the constraints are." 
He said that while he didn't want to have a false "Pollyannish" view of reality, he imagined the entire Middle East in a new technologically advanced and economically stable era of joint cooperation. Such statements mirror President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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