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  Nissan 6, 5773 , 17/03/13

Syrian Rebels Claim 38 Hizbullah Fighters Eliminated

The military council of opposition forces in the Syrian city of Homs announced, Sunday, that it had eliminated 38 fighters who belong to the Lebanese terror group Hizbullah. According to the announcement, the Hizbullah members who served in the Syrian army to suppress the revolution against President Bashar Al-Assad, and the bodies of the Hizbullah members were secretly returned to Lebanon for burial.

The rebels recently posted videos of their fight against Hizbullah fighters who took up positions in western Syria, near the Lebanese border. The rebels threatened to shell Hizbullah targets in Lebanon  if Hizbullah continued to assist the Assad regime. General Muhammad Nur Izz ad-Din Khalluf, commander of the Syrian army supply division - who defected to Jordan last week - admitted in an interview with Al-Arabiya that Hizbullah joined Iran and Russia in giving aid to Assad's regime.

Gen. Muhammad Nur Izz al - Din Khalluf, commander of the Syrian army supply division, defected to Jordan last week, admitted in an interview with Al - Arabiya that Iran, Russia and Hezbollah Serve aid Assad's regime.
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