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  Nissan 2, 5773 , 13/03/13

Protest Against Sudanese Violence in Tel Aviv

Several dozen protesters took to the streets of south Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening. The demonstration was against recent reports of violence allegedly committed by Sudanese and Eritrean foreign migrants against native Israelis. On Tuesday a man reported being beaten and having his cell phone stolen by three Sudanese migrants. On Wednesday police arrested a 22-year-old Sudanese illegal who allegedly broke into a home in Tel Aviv stabbed the woman of the house, and attempted to sexually assault a young girl in the house. The man of the house beat the intruder and subdued him, according to reports. South Tel Aviv is considered a low-income neighborhood with many residents from the Sephardic and North African Jewish communities. The largest influx of illegal immigrants from Eritrea and Sudan are currently located there. The protesters complained that their plight is not being adequately addressed.

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