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  Adar 28, 5773 , 10/03/13

Not a Political Dispute but a Religious One

The Islamic Movement in Israel held a massive demonstration in Kafr Kana, Sunday evening, in support of the Qur'an and hijab in reaction to claims that an Israeli police captain kicked a copy of the Muslim holy book and the head covering of a female Muslim student was removed by security forces during a violent clash in the plaza of the Al-Aqsa mosque. Deputy movement leader Husam Abu Leil accused the Jews of violating their alliances and, therefore, following in the footsteps of the Jews in the Arabian Peninsula before the Prophet Muhammad and adopting "the toxic heritage of their forefathers".

Another deputy, Sheik Kamal Al Khatib, said that the Israeli establishment tried, for years, to claim the conflict was political and nationalistic, and refrained from revealing its religion and faith aspects. He stressed that Judaism will never have legitimacy to control Al-Aqsa or the Western Wall of the Temple or the Al-Burak Wall, as the Muslims call it, which they think is part of Al-Aqsa. Chairman Muhammad Zidan of the Supreme Committee of Israeli Arabs warned that the alleged incidents would not go unpunished.

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