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  Adar 28, 5773 , 10/03/13

Tons of Non-Kosher Meat Headed to Israel

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi warned kashrut supervisors, Saturday night, to inspect imported meat very carefully, according to a Sunday report by the hareidi-religous Kikar Hashabbat Website. During his weekly lesson, he said, "There are such things in the world. There's a ship of thousands of tons of meat, of non-kosher animals which will arrive in Israel. They will bring a shipment of veal and put a camel's leg in it, or horse or any kind of animal."

Rabbi Ben Artzi said, "The meat will come from all sorts of places. From Jordan and from Egypt. This meat comes from non-kosher animals. Referring to the recent discovery of horse meat in shipments of European beef, the rabbi said,  "The Creator of the Universe discovered that there is non-kosher horse meat in Europe in order to warn the people of Israel.

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