News Briefs

  2/24/2013, Adar 14, 5773

Arab Violence Continues Throughout Judea and Samaria

Arab disturbances were reported in various places throughout Judea and Samaria (Shomron) on Sunday afternoon. In many cases, Israeli soldiers responded with riot-control measures.

About 100 Arabs burned tires and threw rocks at security personnel at the Policeman's Junction (Tzomet Hashoter) in Hevron. An Arab was lightly wounded by a rubber bullet in the nearby village of Sa'ir, the home of confessed rock thrower Arafat Jaradat, who died, Saturday, in the Meggido Prison. The Jerusalem-Hevron highway villages of Halhoul, Beit-Ummar and El-Aroub were also witnesses to incidents of rock throwing, with a firebomb also thrown in El-Aroub. One of the rioters was lightly wounded in the foot by Israel Defense Forces fire. Dozens of Arabs also rioted in the Samarian town of Tulkarm.