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  Adar 14, 5773 , 24/02/13

Northern Samaria Evictees Read the Megillah at Homesh

Dozens of men, women and children, who were evicted by the government from the northern Samarian (Shomron) Jewish communities of Homesh and Sa-Nur in the Disengagement of 2005, returned to Homesh, Saturday night, to celebrate Purim with students from Yeshivat Homesh Hamitchadeshet (Yeshiva of Renewing Homesh) and supporters of the Homesh First organization, which promotes a return to the communities. It marked the fifth straight year that the evictees and their supporters have returned to the community, where the yeshiva maintains a continuous presence.

After the reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther), Purim dances continued into the small hours of the morning. Homesh First said that members of the Homesh-Sa Nur core group and their children look forward, daily, to returning and rebuilding their homes in Homesh. The organization said it was planning for thousands to go up to Homesh during the intermediate days of Passover.

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