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  Adar 10, 5773 , 20/02/13

Highlights of MK Motti Yogev’s First Knesset Address

MK Motti Yogev of The Jewish Home addressed the Knesset for the first time Wednesday. “We are here to promote friendship and cooperation within the nation. To strive for affordable housing, more hospital beds, to care for Holocaust survivors and all in need. To provide for Israeli youth at risk, to minimize poverty and maximize employment.”

Stressing our bond with the land, Yogev declared “Jesus never saw churches or mosques in Israel. He only saw the Second Temple.”

On the discussion of a PA state, Yogev made it clear: “PA Arab independence only leads to increased terrorist activity. We are the sovereign state of Israel, and we will provide humanitarian care for all neighbors, without granting them independence.”

Yogev concluded with a heartfelt prayer that G-d bestow Divine benevolence on the state of Israel.

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