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  Shvat 30, 5773 , 10/02/13

Yishai to Yesh Atid MK: This is a Jewish State

Shas faction head Eli Yishai voiced his displeasure Sunday after a Yesh Atid MK, Ruth Calderon, proposed changing the words to the national anthem to make them more palatable to Arab Members of Knesset. The anthem’s words speak of the Jewish soul and Jewish longing for Zion.

“I was shocked to hear this morning that there is an idea from Yesh Atid, on the social networks, to leave the word ‘Jew’ out of the anthem Hatikva,” Yishai said. “Yes, we have our disagreements with Yesh Atid, but there are things I thought were undisputed – [such as] the state of Israel being a Jewish state.”

“To whoever needs an update: we are a Jewish state!” Yishai added.  

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