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  Shvat 15, 5773 , 26/01/13

Mesika: Reopen Talbi Investigation

Chairman Gershon Mesika of the Samaria (Shomron) Regional Council demanded, over the weekend, that the State Prosecutors reopen the investigation into the November 2011, death of Rabbi Moshe Talbi at the entrance to the Samarian Jewish community of Revava. The call came following an investigative report by the Ma'ariv daily, that blood stains found on the gun that killed Rabbi Talbi had blood stains with the DNA of more than one person, supporting the claim of murder over the official ruling of suicide.

Saying that the new investigation should be independent, Mesika said the evidence does not only question the ruling, but raises the question if a terror cell is still at large. He recalled the case of Asher and Yochanan Palmer of Kiryat Arba', who were killed when terrorists threw a stone at their car, causing the driver to lose control and the car to overturn. At first authorities called the incident a traffic accident, but under pressure from local residents, renewed the investigation and caught the suspects.

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