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  Shvat 12, 5773 , 23/01/13

Fierce Zionist Revolutionary Abba Ahimeir Remembered

The Jabotinsky Institute held an evening in memory of the 50th anniversary of the passing of Abba Ahimeir. This year the Jabotinsky Institute together with Beit Abba published a book entitled "Abba Ahimeir and Revolutionary Zionism." Beit Aba is an educational center that preserves Ahimeir's writings and teachings.
Ahimeir was considered a fierce ideologue and was the first to refer to the British Mandate as a "foreign occupier". He defended the young men who were arrested by the British for blowing the shofar at the Western Wall at the end of Yom Kippur. 
In an article from 1932 entitled The Great Shofar Blast, Ahimier wrote, "Can one imagine a healthy nation apathetically selling its Holy of Holies? Can we imagine the Poles, for instance, giving up their sacred church in Cestochowa?.... What cold, cynical blasphemy sleeps in their souls... There was once a time when the shofar of the legions of Israel felled the walls of Jericho. During the Exile the shofar - the symbol of a Fighting Israel - became a purely religious vessel. The shofar which had been used to gather the armies of Israel - this shofar passed to the trembling hands of the Diasporean shofar-blower. But behold, the shofar is returning ..."

Among those in attendance at the evening were his sons Yosef and Yaakov Ahimeir, former Finance Minister Yoram Aridor, Dr. Yaacov Toby and others.

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