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  Shvat 6, 5773 , 17/01/13

Livni: Unity Government to Deal with Myriad of Problems

Chairwoman Tzipi Livni of the Hatenu'ah party said, Thursday evening, that she would do all in her power, after Tuesday's Knesset election, to establish a Zionist centrist unity government to deal with what she called a "diplomatic, security and social emergency". Referring to criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu by United States President Barack Obama during a speechֲ at a gathering in Eilat, the former opposition leader said, "Barack's words are just the tip of the iceberg."

Livni repeated her warning that "Israel, which faces increasing isolation, will get diplomaticֲ programs, after the election, that the world is trying to force upon it in the absence of negotiations [with the Palestinian Authority -ed.]. The defense establishmentֲ warns, every day, of a third intifada [Arab uprising] and Iran continues to run its nuclear race." She added,ֲ ֲ "The huge deficit created by the Netanyahu government is going to fall, once again, on the shoulders of the public in the form ofֲ very serious difficult decrees. The serious recession is already around the corner." She concluded, "Thisֲ electionֲ you have to look at the candidates and to think 'Who has the experienceֲ to deal with this emergency situation?'."

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