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  Tevet 27, 5773 , 09/01/13

Judge Condemns Shas Ad Mocking "Quickie Conversion"

The Shas party's new election commercial has elicited complaints. Chairman of the Central Election Committee, Judge Eliakim Rubinstein stated that the ad was insensitive to Russian-Israelis. The ad mocked the proposals to institute secular wedding ceremonies. The ad depicted a blonde bride receiving a certificate converting her to Judaism by fax at minutes before she is to be married. The commercial was meant to poke fun at the Yisrael Beiteinu party's bills to circumvent the rabbinical authorities in matters of conversion, marriages and divorce. 
The Shas party was initially formed to represent religious Israelis of Sephardic and Middle Eastern background, while the Yisrael Beineinu party was initially formed to represent Israelis born in Russian and other former Soviet countries.

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