News Briefs

  1/8/2013, Tevet 26, 5773

Yishai: Hareidi Induction is a Matter of Budget

Chairman Eli Yishai of the Sephardic-hareidi Shas party said, Tuesday morning, that everyone agrees that one who does not study Torah all day should be inducted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Speaking during a panel discussion on hareidi induction at the Jerusalem Conference, the interior minister said, "The IDF did not want to induct thousands of hareidim in recent years, claiming a lack of budget, so how can you say there is a split in the public if the problem is money?" He recalled, "I came to the Plesner Committee [on equal burden of military service - ed.] and told them, 'The hareidim want to be inducted. Give more money to the IDF and the induction process will continue.' But no, they didn't want to."