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  Tevet 21, 5773 , 03/01/13

Likud HQ: Stop Campaign Against Religious Zionists

The national headquarters of the Likud party sent a letter to party members, Thursday evening, proposing that they demand the end of what the headquarters called the aggressive campaign "which is harming great rabbis of Israel and many members of the [religious Zionist] movement." Responding to language that has been used against Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home-New National Religious Party) and declining poll results, the letter says, " Many members of the movement, the ones it has elected, and its potential voters observe religion and tradition. The attempt to outline the religious-nationalist public as excluding women and dark hurts the Likud itself, first and foremost. The religious-nationalist public is used to giving respect to man, woman and family more than other sectors of the population. The topic of separation between men and women and modesty arises specifically from the mutual respect between a man and a woman and not the opposite."

The letter continues, "Even in an election campaign we must not attack values. Don't attack the religious-nationalist camp which is the flesh of our Likud flesh." In calling for an end to the campaign, the letter says, "Go with a positive campaign!" explaining that the Likud's list of candidates, "is an excellent list and the Likud can point to many achievements during the term that is ending."

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