News Briefs

  1/1/2013, Tevet 19, 5773

Shas: Kadima Trying to Save a Sinking Ship

Shas attacked Kadima's campaign against the ultra-Orthodox and yeshiva students, and say it is the false and desperate campaign of a dying party.

MK Nissim Zeev said that any attempt to compare the salaries of yeshivah students and soldiers is outrageous, saying, "There is no way that a yeshivah student gets ₪ 3400 and married soldier doesn't. To compare a family man to a bachelor's is misplaced."

According to Zeev, Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz, is trying to save a sinking ship even at the expense of launching a false campaign. 

"Kadima is disappearing and is trying to save herself with lies. Maybe this is not propaganda but it's definitely false campaigning and is misleading the public."