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  Tevet 16, 5773 , 29/12/12

Bennett Responds to Claim that his Views Led to Clashes

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett reacted to Tzipi Livni's criticism of him, claiming Saturday that his political rhetoric led to the clash between IDF forces and youth in the Oz Zion outpost near Beit El.

"Bennett and the radical rabbis deliberately led people to that hill with the intention of provoking a clash with IDF soldiers and creating a situation where soldiers may refuse orders," she said.

Bennett wrote on his Facebook page, "These attacks on Shabbat appear to be Netanyahu’s policy – and now Livni is also joining in on the fun. Last Shabbat (when Jewish Law forbids me from responding) Netanyahu attacked me on all the major media stations. And this Shabbat, Livni did the same."

"Over Shabbat, they put words into my mouth that I never said (“Bennett calls to refuse orders”), things which I didn’t do (“Bennett leads people to a hill”), they attack me (Bennett is an extremist etc.). They do all of this during Shabbat, when I don’t even hear about the news, and I certainly can’t respond."

"In essence, everyone please calm down. If there ever happens to be an illegal outpost that needs to be removed, one can do this on a Weekday and not on Shabbat. Really, a little common sense won’t hurt anyone." 

"In the meantime I’ll just say this to my political friends – Shabbat always ends eventually…"

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