News Briefs

  12/27/2012, Tevet 14, 5773

Deri: A Party of Ashkenazim and Russians

Aryeh Deri, 2nd on the Shas Knesset list sharply castigated Former FM Lieberman who announced that Shas will have to give up the Housing and Interior portfolios and suffice with Tourism and Infrastructures.

“Now we know who is in charge of Likud-Beyteinu. Yisrael Beyteinu has made a hostile takeover of the Likud, which has become a party representing Ashkenazim and Russians. Cachlon first, now all Sephardic ministers. This is a voter wake-up call. Sephardic Jews, come home to Shas. Only a strong Shas will protect Sephardic Jews in the next government.”