News Briefs

  12/26/2012, Tevet 13, 5773

Student Group Takes on Biased Professor

The Im Tirzu student group has responded to complaints from students at the Beit Berel College by taking on Professor Michal Chacham-Dalal. In a letter to the school, the movement called for immediate steps to correct Chacham-Dalal's alleged extreme bias.
The group noted that, among other things, Chacham-Dalal had claimed that Israel had fought its wars to create a sense of national unity, rather than to survive, had taught the Arab narrative of the "Nakba" as historical fact, and showed propaganda films such as Jenin, Jenin. When challenged by a student, Chacham-Dalal allegedly said she saw no need to teach Israeli perspectives in her course - a mandatory course on collective memory in public life in Israel - because Israel's narrative is already sufficiently well known.
The group also noted several petitions Chacham-Dalal had signed, including one in support of former MK Azmi Bishara, who gave classified information to Hizbullah during the Second Lebanon War, and a post on her Facebook page referring to IDF soldiers as war criminals.