News Briefs

  12/24/2012, Tevet 11, 5773

Bennett on Netanyahu: He Wants to Navigate Alone

Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett responded Monday night to the uproar created by comments he made last week regarding the expulsion of Jews from their homes. 

Referring to Netanyahu's campaign, Bennett told Channel 2 that "a national camp does not attack a national camp. It is completely unnecessary to play in the internal field. We have to take votes away from Livni."

"This policy debate is fine," said Bennett, "but to get up in the morning and see a flood of anonymous personal negative ads is not right."

"Netanyahu prefers to surround himself with weak parties who have no influence - he wants to navigate alone. We want to hold the wheel with him."

"I'm worried about Netanyahu after hearing that he plans to establish a left-leaning party together with Livni and Lapid."