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  Tevet 5, 5773 , 18/12/12

Obama to Support Bill to Ban Sale of Assault Weapons

President Barack Obama has placed his support behind a proposal from a California senator to reinstate a ban on the sale of assault weapons in the United States.

Senator Diane Feinstein was a major proponent of a similar bill which was passed by Congress in 1994 but expired ten years later and has not yet been renewed. The new legislation once again aims to eliminate the sale of high-powered firearms. On Tuesday, Washington said Obama will support the act, with the White House press secratary saying the president "supports and would support legislation that addresses the problem of the so-called gun show loophole, and there are other elements of gun legislation that he could support … high capacity ammunition clips, for example. That is certainly something he would be interested in looking at.”

"It will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation, and the possession. Not retroactively, but prospectively. It will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets," she told NBC. "There will be a bill."

“We exempt over 900 specific weapons that will not fall under the bill, but the purpose of this bill is to get … 'weapons of war' off the street of our cities," she said.

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