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  Kislev 27, 5773 , 11/12/12

Chief Rabbi Lights Candles at the Kotel "Small Wall"

A Chanukah menorah lighting ceremony took place at the Small Wall, or Kotel Katan, in the Old City of Jerusalem. Lighting the candle were Asheknazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and Minister of Education Gideon Saar. Saar quoted Simon son of Matityahu, the Hasmonian, stating, "We are not occupiers or conquerors... we are rightful owners of this land and we will free the land from the Assyrian-Greek foreigners."

The event was organized by the Ateret Cohanim organization. The Kotel Katan is part of the Western Wall, but located farther away from the well-known Kotel plaza. Ateret Cohanim has been raising awareness of the historic site and said they hope the event will attract even more people to the location.

Daniel Luria of the Ateret Kohanim organization stated, "Ateret Cohanim and Midreshet Kidmat Yerushalayim are at the forefront trying to restore honor to this holy site. Bar Mitzvahs and other events can be held at the Kotel HaKatan and those interested in praying or learning at the site can contact us."

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