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  Kislev 26, 5773 , 10/12/12

Katsover: Ask Shalom Eisner for Forgiveness

Chairman Benny Katsover of the Samarian (Shomron) Residents' Council said, Monday morning, that Israel and its defense forces should ask Lieutenant-Colonel Shalom Eisner for forgiveness for suspending him from field commands and making him a deputy commander at a training base after he was seen on video, striking an anarchist during a confrontation last spring. Reacting to a report that soldiers who were seen on video taking cover from rioters last Friday did so instead of using riot control measures because of the presence of photographers, Katsover said, "Between determined action to restore order and shameful fleeing, there's no doubt which picture is preferred."

Katsover's initial reaction to the video, Sunday evening, was, "The "trializing" that has taken over operational procedures is bringing us to look at a shameful play of soldiers fleeing from Arab rioters." He called on the security establishment, Sunday and Monday, to return the soldier's deterrent capabilities.

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