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  Kislev 22, 5773 , 06/12/12

Clinton: Assad May Use Chemical Weapons in Desperation

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned on Wednesday that in his desperation, President Assad of Syria may use the chemical weapons in his possession. NBC reported that his forces are awaiting the order to load sarin-containing weapons on fighter planes.

The Secretary of State said that as he gets more and more desperate, Assad may use the weapons or lose control over them, in which case they may into the hands of one of the many organizations fighting in Syria at present.

She added that the United States has told Syria clearly, using various channels, public and private, direct and indirect, that the use of chemical weapons is an issue about which the entire world is in agreement and that it would have serious consequences.

"This is a red line for the United States,” Mrs. Clinton said while in Prague earlier this week. Czechoslovakia represents US interests in Syria at the present time.

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