News Briefs

  12/4/2012, Kislev 20, 5773

PM in Private Conversation: Not Reversing Construction

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said, in private conversations, that he has no intention of going back on a recently-revealed decision to build thousands of housing units in the Binyamin area east of Jerusalem, according to a Tuesday-morning report by Israel Defense Forces Radio. The station quoted Netanyahu as saying, "It's Israel's right and national interest, which has a broad consensus, to create continuity between Jerusalem and Ma'aleh Adumim."

Against the backdrop of the international backlash to the decision, the Jerusalem-region planning and building commission is scheduled to meet in about two weeks to discuss advancing two projects beyond the 1949 cease-fire line. One is for 1,600 units in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of northern Jerusalem. The other is in Giv'at Hamatos in the southern part of the capital.