News Briefs

  11/21/2012, Kislev 7, 5773

Shmira Project Matches Volunteers Southern Residents

A program called the Shmira Project is matching volunteers with individual residents in danger or soldiers. One can volunteer to say prayers, perform acts of kindness or learn a segment of Torah in the name of another individual. 
According to the Shmira Project website, over 100,000 people joined a similar endeavor during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.
"The families of the soldiers would enjoy the reassurance that Jews around the world are spiritually supporting their children.  All participants are helping to bring about unity, connectedness and the spiritual growth of the Jewish People," state project organizers.
The initiate was inspired by Rabbi Simcha Kook and the late Bostoner Rebbe.
For more information visit http://www.shmiraproject.com