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  Cheshvan 27, 5773 , 12/11/12

Candidates Clash over Perspective on Arabs

Member of Knesset Fania Kirschenbaum (Yisrael Beytenu) said, Monday morning, "Arabs in Israel are a financial burden on the state of Israel and a small portion of its citizens who pay taxes. Israeli Arabs pay 400 million shekels in taxes and receive benefits of NIS 11 billion." Addressing a gathering in Jerusalem of the Israel-Germany Cities, she continued, "Arabs in Israel want equal rights but do not contribute to the state. If they want equality, they should contribute like the rest, with full [military or civilian] service of three years, and bear the burden."

Rabbi Shai Piron of the Yesh Atid party responded by saying, "The discourse in Israel is racist and inclusive, and raises walls. There is no respect between the various parts of Israeli society. We have never taken the time to produce a profound culture and discuss the questions of identity. Those who helped in forming our identity are actually our enemies."

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