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  Cheshvan 19, 5773 , 04/11/12

Livni, Mum on Personal Plans, Says Bring Down PM

Former Kadima leader Tzipi Livini said, Sunday evening, that people had to work together to bring down the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Interviewed by Channel 2 Television, she said she heard the voices calling her back but things had to be done correctly. The former opposition leader explained, "For me politics is not a position or a job or a place in a party. I have always acted only when I knew that it was really possible to make a big change and not just that I could find a spot in any party, and that's how I'll act this time."

Regarding Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's declared readiness to return to the negotiating table, she said, "The government of Israel has been saying for four years that there is no [peace] partner, but Abu-Mazen came and said courageous things; things we heard in the past in the negotiating room. Four years there has been no trust between the sides. All of the government's texts on the interview are of charges. The foreign minister is leading a campaign to bring Abu-Mazen down, which will raise Hamas over our heads and be even worse for our security." Livni concluded that the solution to be embraced was the two-state solution.

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