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  Cheshvan 19, 5773 , 04/11/12

'Meretz' Intellectuals Tote Oppenheimer in Labor Race

Author Amos Oz and playwright Yehoshu'a Sobol endorsed former secretary-general Yariv Oppenheimer of Peace Now, Sunday, in his bid for a spot on the Labor party ticket in the January Knesset elections. Last week, author A.B. Yehoshu'a endorsed Oppenheimer.

The two intellectuals are members of the Meretz party. Oz announced his support for accountant Issawi Freij of Kafr Kassem, citing his peace and social-justice efforts. Sobol expressed support for Tel Aviv City Councilwoman Tamar Zandberg, citing her efforts on behalf of public transportation on Shabbat and establishment of a Palestinian Authority state along pre-Six Day War lines.

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