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  Cheshvan 19, 5773 , 04/11/12

Zalman Shoval: Break Up the Lands Administration

Likud Knesset candidate Zalman Shoval proposed, Sunday, that the Israel Lands Administration be broken up as a way to solve the affordable housing crunch. Speaking at an election gathering in the center of the country, the co-chairman of the Faire (First American Israeli Real Estate) Fund said, "The condition for making housing cheaper for the middle classes is increasing the land supply and making it cheaper, but this won't happen without cancelling the Israel Lands Administration, which is blocking any possibility of reaching this goal."

Shoval said he has been making this call for years, rejecting a claim that the lands administration was helping achieve social housing, noting "We see that this is not the case." He also rejected claims the administration was needed to keep hostile parties from buying up Israeli property, explaining, "I have never seen someone buying property and taking it out of the country." Shoval said he believes that's the opinion of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who will go in that direction in the next government.

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