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  Cheshvan 16, 5773 , 01/11/12

Edelstein: Olympic Zigzagger Mofaz Mocks the Public

Public Information and Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli-Yoel Edelstein reacted, Thursday evening, to the opening of Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz's Knesset election campaign by saying, "Olympic zigzagger Mofaz continues to mock the public and is trying to sow seeds of fear." Mofaz stressed during a news conference, that Netanyahu was obsessed with destroying Iran' nuclear capabilities.

Edelstein said, "The real big danger that exists today is Mofaz, who has backtracked regarding the separation fence and the Disengagement [the 2005 removal by the government of the Jews from Gaza -ed], and during whose term two wars broke out." Borrowing from Mofaz's "carefully worded" slogan that "Bibi will continue to embroil us," Edelstein added that Mofaz "will continue to represent the people and thus himself embroil Israel."

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