News Briefs

  11/1/2012, Cheshvan 16, 5773

PM: Plague of Anti-Semitism Starts with Attacks on Jews

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said, Thursday, "History teaches that Anti-Semitism begins with attacks on Jews but spreads very quickly and strikes others." Addressing a memorial observance for a rabbi, his two sons, and the daughter of the principal, who were murdered in March during a terror attack at the Otzar Hotorah school in Toulouse, France, Netanyahu continued, "Unless the fire of Anti-Semitism is put out at the start, it can become a very big fire that which completely destroys everything in its path. The barbaric hatred of the murderers threatens not only the Jews but all of civilization." Listing a number of recent terror sites in Israel and elsewhere, the prime minister said the message for the terrorists was that the nation of Israel lives.

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