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  Cheshvan 15, 5773 , 31/10/12

Ethiopian Activist Praises Latest Aliyah Flight

Dr. Avraham Negussie of the South Wing to Zion organization praised Operation Wings of a Dove, a special project that brought 240 Jewish-Ethiopians to Israel this week. In an interview with Arutz Sheva news on Wednesday he stated, "for twenty years we worked to increase the number of our brothers and sisters brought here. The Israeli government took two years before the historic decision [to bring the remaining Ethiopian community to Israel]. Having fought for their rights, I make the call today to complete the operation so people can be reunited with their families."
Dr. Negussie added that the Israeli rabbinical authorities "look at them under a magnifying glass and they all pass and are dedicated to living a full Jewish life. They go to synagogue and all the children are learning in religious educational institutions.

Dr. Negussie was born in a Jewish community in Gondar, Ethiopian and came to Israel in 1985. In 2006 he ran for Knesset as leader of the Atid Echad party, which represented immigrants from different countries. Former Arutz Sheva show host Yishai Fleisher ran on the party list as well.

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