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  Cheshvan 9, 5773 , 25/10/12

Temple Mount Closed to Jews Next Week for Muslim Feast

The police will close the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to Jews on Sunday and Monday, because of Eid Al-Adha, the Muslim sacrifice. According to Islamic tradition, it was Ishmael and not Isaac who was taken to be sacrificed on the holy site. Muslims plan to slaughter sheep in memory of the event. The Jewish version of the story will be read in synagogues the following Shabbat.

Jewish Temple Mount organizations protested the move, saying, "Once again, it's not enough that they don't allow Jews to pray at our holy site, they are excluding the feet of Jews completely from the mount." They added, "The government must change its immoral policy which relates to the Temple Mount as if it is an Islamic site and authorize the prayers of Jews there, as promised by the prime minister."

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