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  Cheshvan 1, 5773 , 17/10/12

Kadima MK Prays at Rachel's Tomb, Calls for More Access

"One day the concrete walls will not be here," stated Member of Knesset Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich (Kadima Party) during a visit to the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem on Wednesday. "It's been almost 30 years since I was here and I'm shocked," she said in an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva news. She was commenting on the dramatic change from the historic domed building as depicted in numerous paintings and drawings to the high concrete walls topped with barbed wire and a guard tower.
"It is very hard for me to accept I am living in a Jewish state and all around the Tomb of Rachel, our Matriarch there are such high walls," she stated, referring to the Biblical mother of the Jewish people.
"Our mother Rachel is asking for a return to love and truth within the hearts of the people of Israel," she said.
MK Shamalov-Berkovich added that the holy site attracted those of all levels of Jewishness and religiosity.

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