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  Tishrei 29, 5773 , 15/10/12

Report: 15,000 Hareidim to Receive First IDF Orders

The Israel Defense Forces will send out orders in the next few weeks, summoning about 15,000 hareidi-religious Jews between the ages of 17 and 19 for interviews at induction centers, according to a Monday-morning report by the Ha'aretz daily. The army does not intend to draft them immediately but to gradually incorporate them into the pre-induction screening and testing process over the course of a year.

The IDF will concentrate on inducting draft-age hareidim who currently have an exemption and grant an exemption to older yeshiva students in whom the army is not interested in recruiting. The military is planning to give some hareidim between the ages of 19 and 23 the option of enlisting and receiving benefits. The decision for the process followed this summer's expiration of the Tal Law on hareidi inductions and the failure of the political establishment to enact replacement legislation within paramaters set by the Supreme Court.

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