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  Tishrei 26, 5773 , 12/10/12

Sheldon Adelson: Don't Take Obama at His Word

Tycoon Sheldon Adelson issued a sharp attack, Thursday, against United States President Barack Obama. In an op-ed piece on the www.jns.org Website, the American edition of Yisrael Hayom, Adelson referred to a piece by Haim Saban in the New York Times in which Saban said, "Americans who support Israel should take the president at his word." Adelson asked, "But is that true? Should we take him at his word?" and continued, "No, not when Israel confronts the threat of nuclear annihilation by Iran."

Adelson went on to list repeated instances of "a lack of sympathy - or even outright hostility - toward Israel", the most recent being Obama's failure to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the United Nations and his prevention of a real tightening of sanctions against the Tehran government. Adelson warned, "With a second term the president won't have fears of electoral accountability and will act upon his true feelings toward Israel. This is worrying - especially at a time when the Jewish state as well as Americans sorely need a president whose words and policies they can rely on."

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