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  Tishrei 24, 5773 , 10/10/12

Did Empowering Middle East Create Democracy?

Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Aaron Braunstein, said that the concept of empowering residents of the Middle East is backfiring. He make the statements on Israel National Radio's Tamar Yonah Show. 
"It's extremely important to understand President Barack Obama's mindset," Braunstein said. "He comes from a background as a community organizer working with disadvantaged groups in America, a democracy. If you empower these groups, it can only be for good. He transposed this mindset to the international arena and the Middle East. You cannot expect to empower people in un-democratic societies. The only ones who are really organized besides for the regimes themselves are the extremists. So by touting empowerment and claiming that the setbacks are nothing but bumps on the road to freedom is ridiculous."
Braunstein worked in Egypt, Tunisia, and Muslim West Africa for over 30 years as part of the United States Foreign service. For the full interview, including hat it was like to be a Jewish Foreign Service worker, download the latest episode of the Tamar Yonah Show by clicking here.

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