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  Tishrei 24, 5773 , 10/10/12

Judge Slams ‘Jewish Home’ Elections Change

Retired justice Sarah Frisch wrote a letter to the Jewish Home elections committee Wednesday criticizing the group for approving a change to the elections process. The committee agreed to hold the voting for the party head and for the Knesset list at the same time, instead of on two separate dates - a change urged by MK Zevulun Orlev.

Frisch noted that she had expressed opposition to the proposed change in a party meeting. “To my surprise, I was told that after I had left the conference room in order to allow the committee members to talk about other matters, related to management, the committee members decided to discuss the issue of uniting the two rounds of elections again and decided based on a majority vote to unite the two,” she wrote.

When she heard about the vote, she said, she immediately expressed her disapproval, informing party leaders that the change appeared to alter the “rules of the game” and thus to infringe on the rights of candidates opposed to the change.

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