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  Tishrei 23, 5773 , 09/10/12

Jewish Law Responds to Break-Ins on Shabbat

Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen of the northern community of Moreshet has distributed an internal letter to community residents on how to respond on the Sabbath if they are a victim of the current wave of break-ins to hit the Misgav-region community. A copy of “Halakhot Neged Ganavim” (Jewish Laws Against Thieves), received by Arutz Sheva, says there's a chance that it's to be treated as a matter of life and death, out of fear that a dangerous situation could develop, thus permitting actions normally banned on Shabbat under written Torah law or rabbinic law.

Those actions include calling police or an emergency hotline. Another action is lighting a light to scare away an intruder, the letter explaining that a fluorescent light is preferable to a standard bulb. If a suspicious person is seen, authorities should be notified and actions taken to make a burglar drop his spoils.

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