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  Tishrei 13, 5773 , 29/09/12

Romney of Iran's Diplomats: Treat them like "Pariah"

White House hopeful Mitt Romney said Friday he discussed Iran's nuclear threat and turmoil in the region in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he showed apparent anger over the handling of international relations with Iran.

Romney said he would like to see action taken against Iran's diplomats and called on them to be treated "like the pariah I think they are, the same way we treated South African diplomats under apartheid," according to AFP. This comment comes in the wake of constant protests in New York during the United Nations General Assembly in which many people were upset that Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad and his entourage were allowed into the country.

Romney said he and Netanyahu "also spoke about other developments in his neighborhood," especially unrest in Syria and the new government in Egypt.

On Thursday, Romney declared "I stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu" after the Israeli's United Nations General Assembly address stressing the need to stop Tehran from enriching enough uranium for a nuclear bomb, although he did tell reporters that he did not believe military action against Iran was necessary, but said the option cannot be taken off the table. 

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