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  Tishrei 11, 5773 , 27/09/12

Ya'alon: Lack of Red Lines has Already Cost Lives

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon said, Thursday evening, that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's call, at the United Nations, for a red line in the fight against Iran's nuclear development program was "based on historical experience in putting red lines in front of rogue regimes. Where red lines were drawn, it was possible to stop the evil, and when this didn't happen, the evil managed to kill no small amount of human life."

Regarding the speech of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the Deputy Prime Minister said, "This is not a speech of peace, not a speech of reconciliation. Speech reflects the avoidance of Abbas from allowing negotiations with Israel as he avoided Olmert's offer and as the Palestinians have avoided in the past. Abu Mazen has never prepared his people for peace with Israel, and his accusatory speech tonight at the United Nations is further proof that he does not intend to do so. He does not recognize the existence of the Jewish people and the Jewish people's right to exist in its own state, and he prefers to flagrantly violate every agreement by chosing unilateral [actions] over negotiations without preconditions. It's impossible to talk about peace, on the one hand, and on the other to incite in a speech at the UN."

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