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  Tishrei 8, 5773 , 24/09/12

Time Switch is a Matter of Getting to Work on Time

The Keter Institute, which deals with issues concerning Torah and economics, issued a position paper, Monday morning, on the extension of summer (daylight savings) time to correspond to practices held elsewhere in the world, as was demanded by a handful of protesters this weekend, when Israel returned to winter (standard) time. While allowing that some people might have psychological problems with ending the Yom Kippur fast at a later hour, the paper said nothing would change the 25-hour nature of the fast. The problem in the observant Jewish world is among those who tie their morning prayers to the time of sunrise, which should not go beyond 6:30 a.m., making the deadline for the time change the beginning of October, so that they won't be in danger of getting to work late.

Rabbi Shlomo Ishon, who heads the institute, says claims about economic advantages and reducing tensions among the people are not conclusive. Therefore, he says, the current status quo should be maintained.

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