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  Tishrei 4, 5773 , 20/09/12

Report: Steinitz Says Media has Lost Respect for Truth

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz attacked the media, two weeks ago, during a meeting with Likud party activists that was closed to the public, according to a Thursday report by Makor Rishon. Dr. Steinitz said, "We are dealing - unfortunately, because media is important in democracy - with media that is not just against the Likud. True, it prefers the left; mostly, not completely, but mostly. It's not completely objective. But beyond this, it's media which has lost the respect for one simple, small word - the word 'truth'. There's no more respect for the word 'truth'."

Using the consumer price index as an example, he said Governor Stanley Fisher of the Bank of Israel told him inflation was "only" two percent, but the media referred to it as "unprecedented price increases", and scientifically, two percent is normal. He also said media reference to a split between Israel and the United States belies reality.

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