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  Elul 12, 5772 , 30/08/12

'Kosher' Slaughter in the PA and among Israeli Arabs

Doctor Nadav Galon, in charge of veterinary services in the Agriculture Ministry, sent a letter, Thursday, to Rabbi Ya'akov Sabag, a senior member of the kashrut department in the Chief Rabbinate, in which he warned of kosher practices being used to slaughter animals in the Palestinian Authority and in Israeli Arab communities. "Such illegal slaughter, known as 'black slaughter', in unhygienic conditions, outside an approved facility and in the absence of veterinary supervision, endangers the health of consumers by exposing them to disease, and causes environmental pollution and the spread of disease to domestic animals."

Dr. Galon claims the goal of the people involved in this kind of slaughter is to reduce costs. He said the ministry intends to seriously increase its enforcement of laws against pirate slaughterers and take severe steps against violators. 

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