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  Av 18, 5772 , 06/08/12

Ketzaleh: Live by Halakha, the Economy will Blossom

Chairman Ya'akov Katz of the National Union party contrasted the Jewish people to the Muslims, Monday, during Knesset debate on tax hikes and budget cuts to meet the government's budget-deficit target. Responding to claims by Arab MKs that the refrigerators of Jews in Judea and Samaria were always full, Ketzaleh said that was a nice wish, but that Jews helped their neighbors when the refrigerators are empty, as opposed to the Syrians who have been killing each other for more than a year, and the Muslims who killed 17 of their own on the Sinai-Gaza border, Sunday.

He concluded, "The Jewish state will be one of Jewish law (halakha). If we go according to the Torah of Israel and Jewish law, the Jewish economy will blossom and everything will be alright."

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