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  Tamuz 19, 5772 , 09/07/12

Lobby for Hareidi Economic Integration Starts Work

The Knesset Lobby for Occupational Integration of the Hareidi-Religious Community is scheduled to hold its first gathering, Monday. Public leaders, including academics and hareidi college heads will present solutions for removing barriers that prevent or make it difficult for members of the community to join the work force.

A statement by the office of lobby leader Yoel Hasson says, "We must act while preserving and strengthening the foundations of Haredi society and avoid any move that might undermine these foundations. Poverty and the growing dependence of the hareidi community on allowances and contributions weaken Israeli society in general and the hareidi community in particular and harm its strength, and we must act to strengthen the independence and financial economy of this community, particularly through the encouragement of employment." The statement continued, "The hareidi population is characterized by its high ability for learning [and by] its responsible and thorough approach, and therefore it contains great economic potential. Assistance in finding quality employment, thereby realizing this potential, will not only contribute to the haredi population, but also contribute a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of all of the state of Israel. "

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