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  Tamuz 4, 5772 , 24/06/12

Knesset Legal Advisor: Comptroller Extension a Problem

Knesset Legal Advisor Eyal Ynon sent a letter to Chairman Uri Ariel of the State Control Committee, Sunday evening, in which he expressed "significant legal and institutional difficulties" with a bill to be discussed by the committee on Monday, which would allow the state comptroller to submit reports up to three months after the end of his or her term. The bill was endorsed, Sunday afternoon, by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation and the cabinet.

Ynon said the proposal is inconsistent with the basic law regarding the comptroller, which restricts his or her activity to his or her seven-year term. Countering the claim by Ariel that the extension is similar to the one given Supreme Court justices, Ynon said that the justices are finishing up their own work while the comptroller's work is based on the efforts of his or her staff. He added that the timing, just before the end of the term of Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss, create the impression of political involvement in the comptroller's work and undermine the public's confidence in the office.

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