News Briefs

  6/20/2012, Sivan 30, 5772

Rabbi Rules on Bride Engaged to Seriously Ill Groom

Rabbi Shmuel Wosner, an influential senior Jewish community leader from Bnei Brak, ruled that a bride engaged to a man who was later diagnosed with a serious illness does not have to follow through with the wedding. In a report in Yeshiva World News, the woman requested that she proceed with the marriage despite the diagnosis of her husband-to-be.

The bride instead asked the rabbi for a special blessing for her and for the health of the groom. Rabbi Wosner reportedly shed a tear and responded, “A kallah like this is not in need of my bracha, rather I wish that she would give me a bracha." The parents of both the bride and groom had requested a special audience with the rabbi to determine the proper avenue to take in regards to the engagement.