News Briefs

  6/4/2012, Sivan 14, 5772

Ketzaleh to PM: If Expulsion Begins, You Won't be PM

Chairman Ya'akov Katz of the National Union party called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Monday afternoon, to allow coalition ministers to vote their conscience, Wednesday, on a bill to protect Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) from uprooting under Supreme Court orders. Addressing a news conference in a protest tent between the court and the Knesset, Ketzaleh said that to do so would respect the will of the people. He also said, "All those who have committed crimes against the Jewish people have disappeared."

He continued, "I have no doubt that if you start a set of crimes of the expulsion of Jews from Beit El, Amona, [and] Migron now - you will not be prime minister."